How Your IQ Is Affected With The Right Body Care?

February 16th, 2018

Right Body Care Improves Your IQ

Intelligence quotient, also commonly referred to as IQ is the measure by which a person’s intelligence or smartness is tested. Once the test is done and the scores are in, the test determines the score and deems you as intelligent or average human being.

The question posed here is that is our IQ affected with the right body care?

The answer is most certainly yes.

We present ourselves to the world, the way we are bought up and on the diet, clothes, beauty treatment and general behavioural standards. A lot of what we speak, ideate and execute measures our IQ. It is highly likely that our IQ is affected with the sort of care we take of ourselves.

When a person sleeps peacefully for 8 hours, consumes good food i.e. has the right intake of carbs, proteins and vitamins, it is natural that the cognitive processing of that person will be more sharp, focused and definitive. The person will make better informed choices and have intelligent conversations as his mind will be fresh and energetic.

On the other hand if a person is not well-rested and does not have a good diet, there is a correlation with the IQ as the brain is definitely processing grumpily. The cognitive thought process and the imperative as well as, logical reasoning section of the mind, will not work in coherence. Hence, a lot of us are always told to sleep well and eat well and think positively as well. 8 hours of REM sleep is a requisite to use the brain and our intelligence properly.

According to a study, humans use less than 2 % of their brain capacity in their whole lifetime. So if we were to use 100 %, our IQs would know no bounds.

Pro Tip: Few foods which help raise IQ points in our brain are Almonds, Berries, Salmon, Avocado, Broccoli, Spinach, Dark Chocolate and Red Wine.

Surprising right?