Why You Should Invest in a Royal Spa Treatment

November 8th, 2017

Royal Spa Treatments Which Improve Wellness and Health

Regular spa treatments might be boring for those who are looking for something over and above. One shouldn’t hesitate when looking for experimenting with something new, even though if it’s a little expensive than the usual. Royal Spa Treatment(s) is one of those treatments that use expansive range of rare minerals to recharge your skin and give you that “special” feel and look.

1. Cellular Exclusive Lift Concept: This treatment acts on a multi-dimensional level to target wrinkles and signs of ageing. It improves the firmness of skin and lifts the skin, while promoting the cellular renewal.

Benefits: Reshapes the face, Improves skin’s firmness and texture, and acts as a natural lifer for skin.

2. Diamond Dust Treatment: It is different from other treatments. This treatment purifies the body, releases tension and alleviates the effects of the electromagnetic pollution ( UV rays, Microwaves, Radio ways). They apply mud formulated with diamond dust all over the body followed by a massage with magnetic gloves that picks all the dust on the body, which leaves your skin more radiant and hydrated. When the dust is pulled out by magnetic gloves, without actually touching the skin, the pollution particles and other toxins too are grabbed along.

Benefits: Removes dust, Anti-aging effect, Exfoliates skin.

3. Bathing Kit: The Dead Sea is known for its ultimate healing powers. The bathing kit consists of hot or cold bathing water and cleansing and massaging the skin with the Dead Sea salt and mud. The treatment aims to enhance healing, wellness and finally ends in a sleeping room, where you leave your worries and switch off your mind.

Benefits: Removes dark spots, tightens the skin, reduces the fat in the belly areas.


4. Himalayan Snow Rose: This treatment begins with an icy smoothing scrub followed by a glacier water hydrating wrap. Finally, we use a snow rose body scent for a soothing touch. It repairs damaged skin cells and restores the skin’s natural radiance.

Benefits: Reduces skin infection, Maintenance pH balance, Improves sleep.

Although, the above treatments are quite expensive, the treatment is so worth the effort and money because you end up feeling amazing and calm.

There are many more unique and special spa treatments, which improve your wellness and health with their benefits.

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