The healing benefits of foot reflexology massage

April 1st, 2019

The healing benefits of foot reflexology massage

If you wish to book a trip to a Spa for a therapy, knowing to book the right types of massage makes you return from itrejuvenated, healthier, relaxed, and in less pain than when you came in. Though feet are the most important body parts we hardly pay attention to their health. And it is not just that, various points in the feet relate to different organs in the body. When stimulated in a certain way can improve your health to a great extent.

Reflexology is very much misunderstood and an ignored spa treatment. Here, the therapist works on reflex points on thefeet that relate to particular glands and organs in the body. The therapists stimulate these points in order to make the corresponding organs and glands healthier via the body’s pathways. No heavy pressure is required when massaging, but what is more important is accessing these points exactly and holding each of these for a minute to get maximum benefits.

Foot Reflexology is known for its Full-Body Effect

A skilled therapist uses various techniques like hold, pressure point stimulation, rubbing, kneading etc.Reflexology is said to stimulate individual organs and bodily symptoms, remove blockages, and reverse disease.Once the foot procedure is complete, the benefits can be experienced throughout the body by the receiver. In case the therapist is not so skilled you may just feel that it was a very long foot massage.

The potential benefits of Foot Reflexology and foot massage:

Though foot reflexology existed since a very long time, it has gained popularity off late, due to the awareness about its innumerable benefits to the body and overall health.

  • Favourable for people suffering from organ related pains and health issues
  • The basic principle is that when certain points are stimulated, they can bring a therapeutic effect on the other parts of the body they correspond to.
  • Foot reflexology is beneficial for those who do not have the time for a full body.
  • A foot massage helps in transporting oxygen to all the cells in the body.
  • It plays a key role in restoring balance in the body
  • Helps control blood pressure and improves blood circulation.
  • Improves energy level, nerve sensitivity, helps promote sleep, improves liver function, and speeds up healing of wounds.

Note: Though any massage therapist can give you a foot reflexology, it is an added advantage to get it done from a certified person. A trained person is more likely to know how to address the specific issue you have. An appointment at O2 Spa is just what you need to kiss your pains and stress goodbye.