Happy Feet: A Pedicure and its Invisible Health Benefits

July 18th, 2018

Happy Feet: A Pedicure and its Invisible Health Benefits | O2 Spa

Your feet are probably the most hard-working and yet the most underrated parts of your body!

Why not take a little care of them? With summer being right around the corner, the best way to treat your feet is to get a pedicure done at your nearest beauty salon!

Apart from the fact that your feet look soft, there’s more to a pedicure than just that. Don’t believe us? Here are 6 hidden health benefits of a pedicure we bet you did not know about!

1. Problems get detected at an early stage:

When your pedicure is done by a professional pedicurist, he/she can detect signs of bunions, corn and fungal infections as soon as he/she touches your feet! Getting regular pedicures done will not only help you detect such problems but will also help you get rid of them early!

2. Chances of infection decrease:

Inward toenails can really hurt. Not just that, they can be infectious too. During a pedicure, your toenails are carefully trimmed to avoid the risk of nail infections and foot odors!

3. The moisture of the feet is preserved:

During a pedicure, the feet are soaked in warm water and then massaged with oil and lotions to moisturize the feet. Soft smooth feet have less chances of getting crakes, blisters and other foot problems.

4. Exfoliates the Feet:

Bunions and corns can be really painful and uncomfortable. And to avoid that, all you have to do is get a pedicure (since they encourage new cell growth) done on a regular basis.

5. Happy feet:

The best part about salon pedicures is the massage that you get! It not just gives you smoother attractive feet but also encourages greater blood circulation and reduces foot aches!

6. Body relaxation:

According to research, getting a pedicure done, not just promotes foot health but also overall well-being of the body. It greatly relaxes one’s body and mind and goes a long way in reducing muscle stiffness!

Keeping your feet healthy doesn’t need a tremendous amount of effort! All you have to do is get a pedicure done at a salon, once every month!