How Your Hair Reacts To Different Hair Conditioners

February 12th, 2018

How Your Hair Reacts To Different Conditioners

No one likes tangled, frizzy and dry hair. After a head bath, all of us want our hair to look soft, warm and shiny. This is where the use of hair conditioners is required. Hair conditioners add an extra layer of softness into our hair. It helps the voluminous, frizzy and dry hair to look life-like. It breathes fresh air into lifeless and limp hair. It restores the keratin and protein the hair loses.

We know the skin care product drill: t we must keep changing the products after a period of time. We should not use it for long as our body gets accustomed to it and the original benefit of the product might stop working for us. Hair conditioner is proportional to that rule. Hence, it depends on type of hair conditioner that one might use.

In general perspective, different types of hair conditioners might be giving the following results:

1.Some hair conditioners might make your hair look oilier.

2.While some give a radiant bounce to your hair and add volume to the hair.

3.Some hair conditioners might make your hair give a flat and limp like structure.

A lot of these hair conditioners also react differently based on the hair type such as it reacts differently to straight, curly and wavy hair.

But, here are a few hair conditioner facts that you must know:

1.Hair conditioners make great hair styling products. They are serums which can style your hair in certain ways and help in hairdos.

2.They are helpful in hydrating your follicles and provide protein to them.

3.Different hair types require different hair conditioners, not all hair types can sort for one hair conditioner.

4.Always use conditioner on your hair-lengths and not on your scalp.

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