Your go-to place for massages O2 Spa

July 16th, 2018

Your go-to place for massages O2 Spa | O2 Spa

Massages are the product of eons of research and culmination of various cultures. They are the lifelines, which people hold on to get rid of stress and all of their worries. With the on-going trend of massages and spa services, there have been numerous spas which have opened up. Only a few are worth trusting.

Very few spas provide a true spa experience and sometimes can hold back a few experiences without really developing a niche of what a ‘spa’ can mean and how does it affect an individual. Massages are creations of magic relegated for us, mortals, to achieve ~Nirvana~ on earth.

O2 Spa is one of the few places, which understand the true meaning of a spa experience and work doubly-hard to provide their guests with services, which are worth their mettle. Here is a list of massages provided by us:

1. Balinese Massage:

It is a heavenly hour, where the body receives nourishment from all over Asia. The ayurveda and acupressure strokes on the energy-lines soothe the body and repair the aching internally. There is focus on loosening the tightened muscles with various nerve-easing techniques.

2. Head Massage:

Deep and essential oils are poured into your head to give your scalp a heavy and deep form of nourishment. The head carries all of our stress and all of that thinking may kill all the important neurons firing through our brains. Hence, a head massage, with calming and firm moves on the scalp is what the head needs after weeks of grilling.

3. Aromatherapy Massage:

With the use of essential oils, aromatherapy aims to revitalise the sensory organs of the body and reduce the stress on a physiological level. That coupled with a soothing massage session, it knocks the rigidity of the body right out of the window.

4. Deep tissue Massage:

This massage is construed for the individuals, who do not mind a little bit of pain. No pain, no gain is the policy this follows. The massage therapist uses techniques of kneading and friction on the body to get rid of the pressure and extract all the pain from the muscular level.

5. Swedish Massage:

This massage provides a deep level of healing and a balmy effect to the body. It uses long gliding strokes on the body to break the negative pools of energy in the tendons and corrects any defect on a cellular level.

6. Neck and Back Massage:

All of that strain and anxiety gets chucked out of the body with a fully powered neck and back massage. With long strokes and powerful glides, it leads to the muscles and tissues in the back of the body to gain flexibility.

So, what’s the wait for?

Book an appointment soon and feel all of your hostility and unease of the body go for a spin.