Treat Dark Spots | Treat Acne | Remove Pimples | Get Rid of Dark Spots

January 11th, 2018


Do you have embarrassing dark spots on your body? Don’t know how to get rid of them? Dark spots are a common problem, mainly in adults. They are not good and can cause lack of self-esteem. While, self-love has nothing to do with external flaws, keeping a check on your dark-spots will only benefit you in the long run.

What are Dark Spots?

It is known as hyper-pigmentation which happens when the skin is exposed to sun, which increases ‘Melanocyte Cell’ production, causing a darkening of the skin. Thus, the dark spots.

What are the causes for dark spots?

1.Hormonal changes: Improper production of estrogen and progesterone can cause uneven melanin production. Exposure to sunlight, secretion of melanin can cause dark spots.

2.Acne/Injury: Pimples, injuries or any kind of surgery can also turn into dark spots/scars.

3.Excessive Sun Exposure: More exposure to sunlight can cause more melanin production, which leads to dark spots on face and body.

How to treat Dark spots?

Dark spots do not generally pose a health risk. So, you can undergo through dermatological treatment or

cosmetic treatment to get rid of dark spots totally.

•Laser Treatment: It gives painless and quick results. Treatment depends on colour, size and depth of your dark spots. This one happens to be a little above the budget to remove a dark spot comepletely. However, it is noted to be safe, but do double-check if you hyper-sensitive skin.

•Chemical Peel: Application of a cosmetic chemicals without a break can cause a blister on your skin and peel off masks help to regenerate new cells. It also depends on colour, size and depth of the dark spot. This procedure, although painless, is not very recommmended among the dermitology community as it has long-term risks.

•Cryosurgery: The word surgery may confuse the people. But, it is actually a non-invasion treatment. This procedure includes spraying of liquid nitrogen on your dark spot using a spray gun to freeze the spots, which turns the dark spots into white. This process is done by doctors. This procedure is expensive but proves to be safe on some skin types.

Natural way to get rid of dark spots:

1.Lemon Juice: It has bleaching properties that help to get rid of dark spots. It ascertains soft, clear and beautiful skin.

2.Buttermilk: It contains lactic acid which helps exfoliate the skin to remove dark spots and pimples.

3.Apple Cider Vinegar: It helps to dry out and fade the dark sports faster. It is an effective remedy for skin problems.

4.Aloe vera: It helps get rid of dark spots. It heals the damaged skin and regenerates new skin.

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