Why This Generation Is Moving Towards Thick Eyebrow Style AGAIN

March 21st, 2018

Why This Generation Is Moving Towards Thick Eyebrow Style AGAIN

If there’s one thing that has evolved extremely fast in the beauty industry, it’s the eyebrow trends. They’ve gone from thick to thin to literally non-existent and now it’s back to being thick and bushy again.

This past year has seen models and celebrities take on the thick eyebrow style and consequently seen the thick eyebrow trend spread like wildfire.

Even people with naturally thinner eyebrows have left no stone unturned to make their eyebrows seem “thicker.” Everyone is following the latest fashion trends and have been using gels and pencils to thicken their eyebrows.

As we already know, “eyes are the windows to your soul.” And how you frame them with your eyebrows, matters more than you probably know.

So why is the thick eyebrow trend back again?

1.The natural look

Let’s face it: Thicker eyebrows give you the natural look and right now ‘natural’ is in.

2.The classic look

A study shows that most makeup and beauty professionals prefer thicker eyebrows. According to them, thick eyebrows are like the ‘Little Black Dress’ of clothing i.e. they give you a classic look and will never go out of style!

3.Don’t risk it

Reversing thinner eyebrows takes a lot of time, don’t you agree? It’ll probably take ages before your eyebrow hair grows back. It’s always better to go with fashion trends that can be washed off easily.

4.Bold is the new beautiful

Thick eyebrows add boldness to your face. That’s something that thinner eyebrows can never match up to. But there’s a mild difference between heavy and full… to give the perfect ‘thick’ shape to your eyebrows, it’s best to visit a professional beauty salon and get them done.

There are going to be a lot more new eyebrow trends coming up. But, no matter what trends come up, make sure you make informed decisions because your eyebrows are for life!