Foot Reflexology Massage in Chennai

October 13th, 2017

Foot Reflexology Massage in Chennai

Can massaging your feet make your body work better? Foot Reflexology, A kind of foot massage based on principles of traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese have been practising the therapeutic foot massage from last 5000 years. It describes the pressure point concepts that form the basis of  both acupuncture and reflexology.

According to the belief of reflexology, the foot contains reflex points that match to every part of the body (such as glands and organs). Practitioners find an image of the body pointed onto the foot and apply pressure on the part of the foot that matches to a part of the body, such as glands and nerves, improving the flow of energy to that body part and promotes healthy functioning. Here, you can see benefits of Foot Reflexology:

Just think about your feet. How much stress do they go through on a daily basis? Standing, running, jumping all such activities depend on our feet. O2 spa believes that overall health begins at your feet. Benefits of Foot Reflexology are endless- It is beyond the feel-good effects of the treatment.

1. Improves Circulation: Due to the inactive lifestyle, we have become unusual to use our muscles on a regular basis. The muscles in the feet get less exercise and the circulation of blood slows down resulting in uncomfortablly painful feet. A 10-15 minutes massage before going to bed can improve circulation in the lower edge, which is particularly important to diabetic patients.

2. Eliminates Toxins: Foot Reflexology helps to improve bladder function and to reduce urinary tract issues. Eliminating toxins and foreign substances in the body to protect from various diseases and improving health conditions.

3. Reduces Foot and Ankle Injury’s Pain: Massaging the feet helps with joint pain and aids recovery after an injury. It reduces muscle soreness and speeds up the recovery of feet. Moments of clumsiness can be prevented by strengthening the ankle and reflexology ensures that we can avoid unpleasant injuries. 4. Alleviate symptoms of PMS and menopause: The most common symptoms of PMS is irritability, anxiety, headaches and mood swings. This can be alleviated with a regular foot massage.

Some more benefits like unblocking sinus related issues, boosts the immunity system, promotes healing, prevents swollen legs, etc. As you see, Foot Reflexology is beneficial for both physical and mental well-being. Take time for your relaxation and book appointment for FOOT REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE at O2Spa in Chennai. For more information and unique tips, follow O2 Spa on social media!