How foot reflexology impacts depression

June 5th, 2018

How foot reflexology impacts depression

The science behind emotions

You’d be surprised by the impact that our emotions can have on our physical health. The moment we feel an emotion, our nervous system gets activated. If the emotion is a negative one, our body’s response to that is stress. The result? Increase in blood pressure and a higher heart rate. Going with that theory, people with depression have a high level of ‘cortisone’ or the stress hormone in their body. This affects the nervous system, the response to certain situations and the mood in general.

Although depression can be treated with medication, trying out a massage is always a safer option.

Foot Reflexology: The concept

Reflexology functions on the basic principle that certain foot zones are connected to some body parts. By applying pressure to these points and massaging them, energy flow gets unblocked and tension gets released. Reflexology also promotes better circulation and breaks down lactic acid in the feet.

Foot Reflexology: The Techniques

A foot reflexology session usually includes sitting in a comfortable & big chair with the feet soaked in warm water with mineral salts in it. The session is usually for 45 minutes to an hour during which the massage therapist stimulates the nerve endings to heal the entire body. Apart from physical benefits, getting foot reflexology done regularly can also heal emotional problems emotionally.

How does reflexology impact depression?

According to massage philosophy, blockages in the energy flow of the body is the primary cause of depression. And reflexology, targets those blockages and eases the energy flow.

By stimulating nerve endings on the feet, Reflexology can:

  1. Eliminate buildup of toxins from the body
  2. Make blood flow to body organs easier
  3. Kickstart the endocrine system
  4. Free pathways for the optimum functioning of the nervous system
  5. Induce relaxed states
  6. Promote the release of the happy hormone (endorphins) which in turn minimizes stress in the body

Because of these benefits, the emotional pathways get released and depression begins to ease. Before you start out on foot reflexology as a treatment for depression, talk to your massage therapist first. Putting everything out in the open makes the process much easier and the results are way better. We hope this helped. Got any more points to add? Share in the comments below!