How Foot Reflexology Helps You Fight Stress

December 23rd, 2017


The scientific studies done by the American Medical Association reported that stress was a reason in 75% of all diseases. A recent study shows that stress leads to the weakening of the heart muscle, compromising the overall health.

If you’re struggling with severe stress, it affects your ability to sleep, your ability to socialize, friendships, affects health function. There is a wide range of treatment options to overcome the stress, but we are going to discuss one of the methods called Foot Reflexology.

What is Foot Reflexology?

It is a system involving massage or applying degree of pressure in certain areas of the foot, to relieve tension, stress, anxiety and other ailments (like body pains) and more.

Reflexology gently helps your organs, glands and other parts of your body by stimulating reflex areas on your feet. There are 15000 nerves nestled in your feet. That is why the effects of reflexology are so tranquil and quiet.

Reflexology is a method of a nourishing replacement for harmful self-indulgences.

So basically, Foot Reflexology helps you understand how the nerve endings in your feet have an impact on your entire body.

The therapists put gentle to high pressure, depending on the severity and the requirement of the client, and work on the heel of the foot and the underside of the foot to spread vibrations throughout your body.

It is normal to feel ticklish when the process is taking place. It is advised to calm one’s mind before and during the process of reflexology as anxiety will pump up your heart. Which is not a good thing because you might experience a sudden hike in blood pressure with to and fro of blood with applied pressure in the massage and your anxiousness combined.

Once, you have calmed down, you can actually experience the best benefits out of a foot reflexology session. You will feel light, fresh, nourished and pleasant.

Isn’t that what you want in life? To feel good?

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