Do your feet sweat because of the cold? Try these tips!

July 17th, 2018

Do your feet sweat because of the cold? Try these tips! | O2 Spa

Sweating during winter is probably a paradox but it happens. And especially to your feet. The worst part about it is that, along with the sweat comes the stinking. Cold feet is bad but sweating cold feet is worse. We’re here to help you get rid of them.

Causes of sweaty feet during winter.


Changes in temperature whether it’s warm or cold can lead to sweating. That is your body’s way of adjusting to the changing temperature outside!

2. The shoes on your feet:

During winters, we usually tend to wear thick shoes which are non-breathable. Although they keep our feet warm, but they also, make our feet sweat because of the no-breathable material. Apart from the shoes, multiple layers of socks or thick socks could be the cause of sweaty feet too!

3. Dry Skin:

Winter weather is dry and tends to suck up all the moisture. We all know the dry skin problems, the moisture gets sucked out but the bacteria remains leading to stinky sweaty feet!

Tips to get rid of sweaty feet during winter:

1) Get rid of dry flaky skin:

Exfoliate well. If you think it’s too much of effort, go to a beauty salon and get a pedicure done! If you’re doing it at home, use a pumice stone to get rid of the dead cells and make sure you moisturize your feet well!

2) Take of the heavy shoes ASAP:

As soon as you are indoors make sure that you remove the heavy non-breathable footwear and let your feet breathe and make sure you don’t wear the same shoes every day. Keep an extra pair handy always!

3) Change your socks regularly:

Winter socks can’t be avoided but to get rid of the sweating and odor, what you can do is wear fresh socks. Don’t use the same ones daily. Put on fresh pairs!

4) Find breathable winter shoes:

Trust us, it’s worth the effort! While you’re picking out winter shoes, make sure that they’re thick but are also made of breathable material. Your feet will thank you!

Got any more tips? Share with us in the comments below!