Why Facewash Is An Essential Life-Skill?

March 5th, 2018

Why Facewash Is An Essential Life-Skill?

We surely have moved from the time when our grandmothers used Besan (gram flour) as a natural cleanser. Even then, if you notice people were conscious enough to use a mild cleanser for face and body. There is definitely this general understanding that hard chemicals present in soaps are damaging to our soft facial tissues.

In order to restore and retain natural luminosity of our face a cream based face was needed to be used for cleaning up of our facial impurities and makeup. Since, this has become part and parcel of everybody’s lifestyle the adage is used as “facewash is an essential life-skill”.

Using one kind of face wash for all types of skin is not recommended. It varies from normal to combination skin and also dependent on the climates that we live in. Hot and humid climates induce a lot of oil and dirt, hence a stronger cleansing face wash is ideal. In colder places, it should be light on your face to prevent chipping and cracking. Sometimes the prescription of face wash in A.M and P.M do not hold good as for some sensitive skins it may damage the pH balance. However, always wash your face after a workout to prevent breakouts, and wash your face morning and night if your skin is more towards the oily type. A simple skincare routine begins here.

The use of face wash has become a life- skill due to its efficacy on a day to day basis. With pollution in rising our faces are more exposed to grim and filth throughout the day. It’s one must pack for any traveler who has a particular type or kind of facewash to use. An experiment has led to show that just washing your face with lukewarm water vise-a-vie using a facewash has a definitive negative effect on one’s face, making skin more dry and dehydrated.

Let’s make it our life skill and ensure a glowing and radiant face!