Experience the Magic of a Massage

November 15th, 2017


Massage therapy has been proven as a viable treatment option for a lot of health problems. While, it has been known for awhile that structural massage helps relieve back pain, recent studies have shown that massages (usually a more gentle and relaxing method) can offer just as much reliefMassage is also a wonderful complement to acupuncture, which has been shown in a number of studies to effectively treat lower back pain, as well.

For those who opt out of taking medications and/or do not have a general physician, massage is a great alternative for treating back pain. There are no side effects, it can be more cost effective, and it’s an enjoyable way to spend an hour or two of your day.

A few of the benefits of massages can be as follows:


Beyond the obvious physical relaxation inherent in a massage therapy session lies a chance to allow your mind to relax. Sadly, it’s a rare event for some with minds set on constant spin cycle.  The spin of one set of thoughts perpetuating more thoughts, ricocheting off of incoming ideas and multiplying into more and more thoughts, all operating like mini-cyclones in the fields of our conscious minds.  Relief from this alone would be blessing enough.


Within massage, lies the possibility of tuning-in to your body’s amazing message system. Our body is sending signals regularly: signals relating to (and about) strain, overuse, misuse, discomfort and pain. Amid a chaotic daily life these built-in, helpful and protective indicators become easy to dismiss and eventually ignore.

Letting Go: Once relaxed and tuned in to your body, an opportunity exists to release physical remnants of spent emotions from the recent (and possibly) distant past. Our body’s store it all. Cleansing breaths made possible by a relaxed state paired with mindful intention available with connection to your body’s indicators, providing a perfect setting for letting go.


Within the stillness and relaxation of massage therapy, rests a gift: a reminder of who you are…what you truly want…and, best of all, the hint that you can always start (or start again) right now. Offering a subtle gentle nudge toward the authentic wonderful you is perhaps our most cherished by-product of the services we provide.

With such simple solutions available, there is no reason to suffer. Book a massage today. Know that you are in good hands with our massage therapist.