Why Don’t Toe Nails Don’t Grow As Fast As Fingernails?

April 9th, 2018

Why Don't Toe Nails Don't Grow As Fast As Fingernails?

Fingernails are quite a prized possession like our hair. We all girls and women alike like to spend some time maintaining our nails. It is quite an obsession for some of us. We like our hands pampered and manicured. All the cuticles need to be filed and cut in an appropriate shape either in a round shape or with a pointy edge for the nail to grow in the future in that specific shape.

Fingernails are accounted to grow at least three to four times faster than our toe nails. There is yet no reason comprehended as to why this is possible. Many studies have been conducted on these topics and yet there is no discernable reason as to why toenails grow slower than snail in comparison to fingernails. It most definitely has to do with the biological mechanism.

They may not have a concrete reason but they do have a many theories. Let us try to understand those theories to get a blurb of answers. In order to understand how nails grow, we need to decipher that nails begin in the nails matrix, which is the half-moon section on your fingers. The tissues present under this cuticle are known to churn and grow rapidly. The tissues present there churn the skin cells at a high speed and they are cannibalized for keratin. Keratin for the layman means protein that our body produces and it is required for our hair to grow as well.

Now, keratin is a protein based substance which has a leathery edge. Due to constant churning of skin cells by the tissues, the dead and keratin rich cells pile up in the half-moon section and this lead to the pushing up of nails to grow. The nail is attached to the skin below, so the nail bed also grows constantly and at a manic rate.

Blood gushes and a whole of lot cells as well as nutrients help the fingernails grow faster. Many studies have revealed that toenails receive all of this nutrition a little less and the blood has to travel a lot further down along with the keratin production. Hence the toenails do not sprout as fast as fingernails. This theory was found out after a scientist studied his growth of finger and toe nails for about 20 years.

Nail Spa treatments like pedicure and manicure have been famous for so many reasons, but the most important one being, nail care and health. So, don’t slag on the bare minimums and splurge a little extra. Your nails exude volumes about the way you carry yourself.

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