What are Derma Facials and how they improve your skin?

February 16th, 2020

Derma facial Derma facials are popularly known as the glowing skin miracle. In this process, some exfoliating particles and small crystals are used to scrub the face gently to cleanse off the dead skin cells from the face. Derma facial is a non-invasive method of removing the top layer of the skin known as the stratum corneum. As soon as the top layer is removed the body treats it as an injury and replaces it with a new skin layer that is young and fresh. All the dead skin cells are automatically eliminated and are replaced by healthy cells. The whole process hardly takes about half an hour and at the end of a derma facial, you can observe the improvement in your skin tone. A machine is used which is fitted with diamonds and crystals to polish the facial skin. Similar kind of results can also be achieved by getting a White & Bright or an Organic Facial at Ode Spa. However, today we will discuss in length about Derma facial.

Is it harmful?

Derma facial is absolutely harmless. It does not involve the use of any chemical and most people are more inclined towards the derma method of facial because it includes no laser ray and in a way is much safer than other facials. It does involve the process of skin penetration whereby the skin is purified from within. Keeping in mind the complexity of the process, it is only performed by experts and experienced professionals to assure your safety.

Is the process painful?

The process will be a little uncomfortable as there will be diamonds and crystal polishing involved. Having said that it does not any serious discomfort. After the process the skin tends to be a little tender and reddish, which is soon replaced by a layer of healthy and fresh skin cells.

Does derma facial work?

It depends on the number of sittings you have had. Generally, dermatologists suggest going for once in a month. Derma facial is mostly chosen by people who are in their forties and above. It makes the skin youthful, wrinkle-free and also improves the elasticity and smoothens the skin texture.

What are the benefits of derma facials?

People with skin irregularities like uneven skin pigmentation, clogged skin pores, and wrinkles or fine line will enjoy bigger benefits from this process.
  1. It stimulates the blood flow which helps to supply more oxygen and nutrition to the skin cells. This also prevents dead cells.
  2. Increases cell growth and improves the elasticity of the skin and smoothens the skin texture.
  3. Facial scars are also removed by the peeling of the facial skin layer by giving way to a new skin layer that replaces the old layer.


If you have any skin conditions like herpes, open sores or active sunburn or eczema you should consult your dermatologist before walking in for a derma facial. This can cause your skin to bleed and result in skin cell destruction.

Can you try this at home?

Yes, you can own a derma kit and try this at home. But you will lack the expertise of that of a professional and also your tools will not have equal power and fineness like that of a professional which penetrates deeper in the skin layer.