Defy Your Age with Spa Therapies at O2 Spa

October 31st, 2017

Day Spa Services for Skin

Have Lines and wrinkles begun to appear on your face?

Were you once toned and taunts with fit arms and legs but now a mushy pool of muscles?

Have you started greying?

The most baffling process of human’s life-cycle has begun for you, my friend!


The aging process has begun. Humans in general have a tendency to fight back the growing old phase. There is thing called “mid-life crisis” that people face due to their unrelenting stubbornness of not coming into terms with the definition of gracefully aging. In today’s world of high-stress environment, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy habits and bouts of depression have only accelerated the process of aging.

Is there any way to slow down the process? Ceasing the aging process is not a natural solution or else mankind would have made a shot at it as well. The usual tips of a healthy diet, exercise, proper REM sleep are all golden solutions, but are there any other ways, which can defy our aging process and let us be content with the flame and spirit of our youth. We might just have stumbled into the answer, a massage.

Yes, anti-aging facial massages and therapies are a thing now. O2 Spa specializes in this genre. These anti-aging therapies help fade lines, tighten the skin, reduce spots, remove dark circles and make you look radically radiant. Our professional massage therapists use light pressure and sweep their fingers along the brow bones to the eyes’ outer corner and then around the bones under the eyes then make their way to the inner parts of the face. Next, they work their way into the forehead to ease the creases and use light pressure in circular motions, a few times.

While the upper part of the face is being worked on, the cheeks of the face require lifting. They use soft kneading on the cheek bones in a circular motion to push up the cheek bones along the hairline. This drains the buildup in the muscles and tissues to release the toxins and reduce the acne if any.

Defy age at our O2 spa outlets and embrace life!