De-Tan And Transform Your Skin’s Health

April 11th, 2018

De-Tan And Transform Your Skin's Health

Do you know ultraviolet rays can affect your skin even if you are not directly exposed to it? Yes, even inside your home, the rays can do the damage. With each passing year, the temperature is in rising one notch higher & rains are disappearing faster leaving us all hot and humid most of the time.

This entire anomaly is affecting our skin tone very adversely. Tanning out of the lot is becoming a common phenomenon irrespective of skin types. Even as we have air-conditions everywhere but still, exposure to the sun is a necessity for healthy lives. Even vitamin D deficiency is another side effect of non- exposure to the sun. To strike a balance we always should find a middle path to de- tan ourselves. That way the body is able to get those essential vitamins and you are also not wearing a burnt look.

Men and women alike are applying sunscreen/guard/blocks to give skin the first protection. Sunglasses, scarfs, hats too are the protective layers to stay away from direct sun rays.

Thankfully there are various products available to help you de-tan and cleanse your skin.

Products suiting to your skin type should be tried and chosen for regular use. The next best thing one can do is to have a beautician take care of your tan, especially after you have been exposed to the sun while out on a tour or event that involves much sun exposure. There are saloons that have the expertise to take off that tan and bring your original skin back with an extra zing. It may cost you a bit, but you can at least source some expertise who knows and does that is necessary to preserve your skin in a better state.

Of course, natural remedies are always good because they are free from any kind of side effects. Home remedies may take comparatively longer time as it will de-tan your skin naturally, but that way you are assured of not damaging your skin any further by using chemicals and other unnatural products to rid of your tan instantly. Few methods are worth trying out to get that glow back,

Leading dermatologists prescribe Oxygen infusion and Vitamin C serum infusion in reviving the glow in the skin that leads to a reduction in tan.

a)Deep-pigmentation mask can be applied only under the supervision of a Dermatologist.

b)The famous home-made scrub made of gram flour (besan) and milk is perfect to get rid of the tan.

c)Make a scrub by mixing turmeric powder, sugar and a little honey for lightening the tan.

d)Topical Vitamin C serums can be applied twice daily to lighten the already existing uneven skin tan. In addition, Vitamin C based masks can be applied at least twice a week to lighten the tan.

e)Oral antioxidant supplements are a milder form of sun protection and can be taken once daily if the tanning of your skin is posing a serious issue.

f)Getting a De-Tan pack at O2 Spa, which not only helps your skin to lose the dead cells and tanned skin but also helps cleanse the skin from deep within.