Cute Hairstyles for short hair

May 31st, 2018

Cute Hairstyles for short hair

Tired of reading about long hair hairstyles and not being able to use them for your gorgeous short hair? Bored of looking at the same hairstyle on yourself over and over again?

Well, ladies, the wait is over: Here are 5 handpicked top hairstyles for short hair:

The Head braid hair

This hairstyle looks perfect on a short bob. Part your hair on the side and start by braiding a section of your hair that runs from one side to the parted side. To add more glamour to it, curl your hair with a straightener and set it up with hair spray. This hair style goes perfectly well for a formal occasion!

Sweet knot at the nape

To get this hairstyle, all you’ve got to do is divide your hair into 3 sections, tie them up in ponytails and twist up each section. Pin each section in place and set it up with hair spray!

Curly chignon

This is for hair which ends right above the shoulder length. Pull your hair back smoothly and curl the ends of each strand. The final step: Tease the strand roots into a full fancy look.

The ‘Hot Mess’ up-do

Going for a date? You’ve got to try this! One of the simplest DIY short hairstyles, all you’ve got to do is curl up your hair, add a little bit of hairspray and pin your hair wherever necessary. Voila: You’ll get the spectacular hair you’ve always wanted.

Side Braids for a wavy bob

Ever heard of the ‘less is more philosophy’? Well, it’s time to use it on your hair! Give your hair a middle parting, curl it up into loose chic looking waves and braid it loosely on whichever side you wish to!

These hairstyles are effortlessly gorgeous and don’t take up much time. Whether it’s for a formal occasion or a casual one, these hairstyles will have you covered! You can easily do these at home but if you somehow find it difficult, you can always go to your nearest spa salon and ask the hairstylist to get it done.