Combat Desk Stress with a Neck & shoulder Massage

November 15th, 2017

Neck and Shoulder Masssage to beat stress

We all longed for a 9-5 job and the perks that come with it. Now, down to the reality, we all work more than 11 hours and a gruelling 55-60 hours a week. Sometimes, it even spills over to the weekend. Can you imagine the amount of sitting and pouring down on your computer screen causes stress on your spine, lower back, neck and shoulders?

Work space stress and desk stress are now a thing. Hence, we all read many wellness articles and tips to beat the stress. No matter what tips we follow, they always bring temporary relief. We often ponder what would bring us a more permanent relief and help us release stress from the neck and back. The pondering now can be kept at bay, as the answer is simple. A massage, no matter how trivial it may sound is one of the leading sources of relieving stress and is often advised as a health tip.

How can a massage, more specifically, a neck and shoulder massage, be beneficial to beat the desk stress?

A few key benefits may be as follows:

-Relaxed muscles pain and tension:

There are often trigger points in muscles which, when massaged firmly and given adequate pressure, break down the tension and adhesions in the muscle. The massage therapists at O2 Spa have a good hand and focus on areas which are stiff, injured or plainly sore. This increases blood flow to the tissues and helps reduce the pain. Additionally, it also helps in circulating oxygen in the cells.

-Flexibility in joints:

Massages usually help in releasing tension around muscles and joints. This often improves the range of motion. Hence, there is no longer stiffness and the muscles can return to support and significantly improve joint movement.

-Improved Posture:

The specific neck and shoulder massages at O2 spas are much redefined and help beat the work stress which keeps bubbling around and increasing in the neck and lower back regions. This helps in straightening the spine and improving posture.

So, hop into an O2 spa as early as possible to beat the work stress out in a comfortable massage room at our spas and walk out feeling happy and spunky.