Coconut Skincare Treatment

March 16th, 2018

Coconut Skincare Treatment

The power of natural ingredients in tremendous. Indian families have been using coconut for its abundant benefits not just when it comes to fighting off diseases but also because of the way it works wonders on the skin.

Here are 5 reasons why you should totally opt for coconut skincare treatments:

1. Fights the dryness monster

We’ve all been there: Dry flaky skin damaged beyond repair. Coconut oil kills the toxins, bacteria and fungi present in the outer layers of the skin and magically heals dry skin making it moisturised and firm. Not just that, it is also a recommended solution for dermatitis.

2. Prevent Cancer!

Coconut is known to increase the lipid and moisture content of the skin which blocks a considerable percentage of the harmful ultraviolet rays. The result? It prevents skin cancer!

3. Young…youthful skin!

Coconut based skincare treatments are excellent methods to keep your skin young and blemish free. Coconut slows down the ageing process by removing toxic radicals keeping the skin clean, healthy and youthful!

4. The oxygen flow

The application of coconut on the skin boosts skin immunity and protection. Not just that, it also promotes oxygen circulation in the blood and helps your skin breathe, giving your skin the natural glow!

5. Tan reverse

Coconut water is extremely useful when it comes to reversing the effects of tanning! Coconut water mixed with fullers earth, gives you a tan-free skin.

Coconut contains a humongous amount of minerals which, when used the right way can help you tremendously.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get a coconut skincare treatment done!