Clothes Affect the Way You Feel

February 15th, 2018

Many theories and studies have revolved around perception and human behaviour. The perception of colour has many studies as well. Indeed, there are many studies about the notion and value people feel when they dress differently and look different. Clothes are directly proportional to the way one feels. For example, one might wear a beautiful chiffon saree and look fabulous. It is due to the fact that the person feels confident.

Everyone has a personal style and the clothes a person chooses affects their health, body gesture, mood and over-all confidence. There is a theory called ‘enclothed cognition’ which involves two major factors:

1.The meaning of wearing clothes, which is symbolic

2.The physical experience of wearing of those clothes.

This theory was developed by physiology professors of Kellogg School of management, Adam Hajo and Adam D. Galinksky. They said that certain clothes get increased attention while some did not. A simple example would be when people wear doctor’s coats, there is a sense of increased respect amongst people and the individuals feel a certain way, which leads them to feel confident and happy about the clothes they wear and in this case, it means the doctor’s coat makes the wearer and the people around boost the wearer’s confidence.

Other than making people feel good about them, clothes have also been seen to empower personalities. It is often observed that people dressed in professional attire or a three piece suit tend to garner more attention and feel empowered to fulfil a job. There is an innate level of confidence and tiger like prowl in their mind’s eyes, which makes them honest, confident and distinctive. There is also a major fact, where people are seen resorting to comfort clothes, whenever a distorting situation arises. It acts like a security blanket providing comfort and happiness in some cases.

How do you associate with your clothes? Let us know in the comments below!