Change of Wardrobe Improves Self-Esteem: Studies Show

February 14th, 2018

It is rightly said that you are what you dress. This sentence might seem short and sweet but within it, conveys a deep message. It means that clothes are the true reflection of what you are as a person. No way of dressing can be termed wrong. You may be an introvert or an extrovert or an ambivert and still have a very varied form of dressing. It may simply mean that you dress the way you want others to perceive you as.

In many studies, it has been proven that clothing effects one’s mental processing skills and cognitive reasoning. Ultimately, it could just show how confident you feel when you dress a certain way.

Clothes have gone above the realm and now serve other purposes rather than just protecting one from weather conditions. Clothing has now gotten a different paradigm altogether. It is about self-expression and creativity and is a way to flaunt that creativity to show what you might feel within as a person.

We have always been aware of the fact that people judge us based on the clothes we wear. Yet, now it is more than that. It affects us too. Different types of clothes affect our mental processing differently. We perceive and see ourselves in a new light when we experiment and wear something new.

It has also been found that often when women are stressed, they neglect their wardrobe and scrimmage in to find outfits which make them look and feel confident. It directly affects our neurons. We know we look good, we look at our own self more lovingly and kindly and this in turn affects our self-esteem which stems into confidence.

So, now change your boring old clothes and try something ridiculously new.

Look glamorous and feel fabulous.