Care For Your Body This Winter With Body Wraps

January 6th, 2018

Body Wraps for This Winter Season to Protect

Is your skin dehydrated in this winter? Then, it’s essential to experience most exotic ways to keep your skin nourished. You can keep your skin healthy and moist in this winter by using body wraps that will leave your skin hydrated, cleansed and polished.

What is a BODY WRAP?

Body wrap or body mask is a treatment to enhance the skin’s appearance and texture. This will help to get rid of excess fluids and toxins. They are different types of body wraps for different purposes such as Detox Wraps, which help in removing toxins in the body. Hydrating Wrap, which help in hydrating your skin and finally, Slimming Wraps, which help in reducing excess weight.

Type of Body Wraps and Its Benefits

1.Cocoa Butter Deep Moisturizing Wrap: Cocoa Butter consists of rich and decadent chocolate. This wrap is best for dry skin to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

•Moisturize: It is a rich moisturizer that penetrates deep into your skin to retain hydration. It contains antioxidants that protect your skin from external environmental pollution.

•Stretch Marks: It helps to reduce stretch marks that caused during pregnancy. Believe us, we are NOT kidding.

2.Natural Fruit Wrap: Fruits are good for us from inside and outside. This wrap is good for all types of skin. It helps to nourish and smoothen the skin by supplying vitamins and antioxidants for soft glowing texture.

•Revive Skin: It restores skin glow and smoothens texture, which was loosened during skin’s exposure to extreme sunlight and pollution. It helps to produce new skin and helps you get the fresh younger skin.

•Blemish control: Fruits like papaya, contain elements that can remove marks, pimples and sun-tan in this winter.

3.Whitening Wrap: This extract is used to improve skin’s texture, firmness or sun damage. It gives instant result to improve skin-tone in a natural way by using seaweed and vitamin A and C.

•Detoxification: It helps to eliminate toxins, impurities of the body.

•Reduces Cellulite: It helps to reduce excess skin and tightens it. We can notice deep penetration of vitamins and minerals used in a body wrap. It can reduce marks on the skin.

What is your favourite Body Wrap to get the smooth, glowing and flawless skin? Let us know in the comment section below.