How Can Your Skin Benefit From A Massage?

April 10th, 2018

How Can Your Skin Benefit From A Massage?

Who says no to a younger look? Massage has the ability to grant that younger and glowing look. Skincare expert Kimara Ahnert told Women’s Health that massage plumps slack skin, encourages lymphatic drainage (moves toxins out of cells so nutrients can travel in), and adds vitality to a dull complexion. The gentle rubbing and kneading of the body during massage stimulates blood flow blessing you with a healthy and radiant look.

Our skin is the first layer of a body part that gets exposed to elements the most. With season change, pollutants and other toxins within the ecosystem leave our skin susceptible to germs, illness and diseases. The benefits of regular massage are the first step we can take to rid of accumulated wastes that is present in our body and most of the time we are also not aware of it. Apart from this massage session ensures a vibrant, healthy and improved skin elasticity or suppleness. The benefits from regular are many- briefly put, Increased Blood Flow: Helps the nutrients in the blood to nourish the skin which helps to retain moisture within, hydrated skin replaces the older skin cells with newer ones thus the skin returns to its former regenerative state. Dead Cells Elimination: A dull and unhealthy skin can be invigorated through regular massage. The touch/strokes on your body create frictional movements, helping to eliminate the top layer of the dead skin cells. The fresh skin then gets a chance to absorb the vitamins from the blood flow helping the skin layer to regenerate new glowing cells.

Impurities Removed: Massage helps improve gland production, which in turn empty out the impurities through sweat from the body. The sweats carry out various wastes like uric acid and other unhealthy elements from the bloodstream, opening up our pores to breathe better.

Other benefits of massage to acquire a healthier skin:

Massage helps to reduce tension and stress in the skin and adjoining tissues increasing blood circulation and oxygen in the body.

Massage is very good for dry skin as it helps to re-moisturize the soft tissues

Increases sebum (natural oils produced by your skin) production, helping improve your skin’s suppleness

Massage helps your skin foster resistance to infection

Dilation of surface capillaries improves skin’s color and tone

However in some cases looking at the particular skin condition massage may not be a good idea as it may irritate the skin further. If you have some kinds of skin condition or under medication, then it is better to consult a physician before scheduling your massage session.