How to build strength in your muscles with a massage?

April 24th, 2018

How to build strength in your muscles with a massage?

Muscles in our body play a significant role to hold our whole skeleton intact. As we grow old, the muscles start loosening, giving way to a misaligned physique. Any part of the body if it gets hurt or has some form of spasm the muscles come to its rescue immediately by tightening the area around it. This gives rise to pain, weakening of opposing muscles and restricts movement. A massage therapist focuses on the muscles that are tight, inflamed tot-sore due to such anomaly in your body.

Popping pills now-a-days has become a way of life. Every time you are in pain, do not pop pills, rather give it a sort of massage session. Massage reduces inflammation and helps to adapt to muscular exercise that leads to cells repair and recovery. Secondly, massage on your body helps to release endorphins, having pain-reducing components. No wonder we feel so great after a proper massage in a spa.

After the massage, you would notice that you are able to move your muscles and joints more easily. This leads to strengthened cells and tendons assuring better mobility and flexibility of muscle movements. Few of the typical massage that helps strengthen your muscles.

Trigger Point Release: It’s one kind of massage that is applied mostly to sports injury, particular strains, and pains. The pressure on particular area releases tension from the region leading to more relaxed, allowing your muscle for a bigger region for the motion. In this process, the opposing muscles get strengthened.

Effleurage Massage: Mild to moderate pressure is given to the muscles and tissues in a circular motion, stimulating the capillaries to open, allowing better blood-flow to the strained region.

Retrograde Massage: When we are swelling in our limbs our movements are impaired. Circular movements from bottom to top, applying modest pressure helps in releasing the lymph nodes of accumulated fluids.

Training results are limited if they are not coupled with massage sessions. Massage sessions help to relax your strained muscles that happen during training/vigorous exercising your body. With wound up or tight muscles, you cannot do your training. A massage therapist will work on your muscle that would reduce the tension, directly elevating your flexibility, allowing the joints to operate in a greater range of motion.

After any massage, do not forget to drink 4-5 glasses of water in succession within 12 hours. This would help to flush lactic acid along with other toxins from your muscles to the soft tissues around it. With released lactic acid, your muscles would feel less fatigued and more strengthened.