Brows on Fleek with O2 Spa in Chennai

February 13th, 2018

Brows on Fleek with O2 Spa in Chennai

Eyebrows are quite an inconsequential part of our face, they are nestled on our forehead and make funny shapes when we speak and tilt our head. Though what most of us fail to understand and appreciate is a simple fact that eyebrows can either make your face beautiful or distort them altogether. They are often what make our faces look more defined, feminine and shaped.

What does “Brows on fleek” mean?

In this modern generation, girls and women of this time are very particular about how they want to look. They are sure of what they want and do their eyebrows a certain way and usually take tips and follow the beauty trends of the celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. ‘Brows on fleek’ mean eyebrows that are flawless. It may be shaved, waxed or done using a thread. It is actually an urban English definitive slang.

How do we get flawless brow?

We, at O2 spa Chennai are quite proficient when it comes to getting on-point eyebrows. We understand that eyebrows are an essential accessory for a woman and it does need to be trimmed and shaped according to the face type and we exactly expertise in the same. Impeccable eyebrows are a must have and the shaping, removing of excess hair growth, getting a cleaner and definitive look is the goal.

Eyebrows are, at times, considered the most hassle-free part of the beauty regime, but what one misses is that every individual needs to find their own eyebrows style, which suits their face type. It might be hills, flat, round or thin or thick eyebrows. Each of these styles represents something different for every individual.

At O2 spa Chennai we understand the gravitas the situation holds and comply according to what the client thinks is right and try to make your everyday life a little more beautiful.