Breast cancer can be prevented with Therapeutic massage

April 13th, 2018

How is cancer related to massage therapy?

Massages are complementary therapy. Apart from regular treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy surgery or drug therapy, massages can be used to focus on over-all health of the person, instead of focusing on just the symptoms of the disease. Massages cannot treat cancer itself but it goes a long way in providing relief.

How does a massage help cancer patients?

•Gives a feeling of wholeness again

•Helps them relax

•Induces a feeling of body positivity

According to research, massage of muscle and soft tissues does not spread cancer cells.

What are the benefits of a therapeutic massage?

Massages in cancer patients help reduce:




•Anxiety and depression.

Massages lead to improvements such as:


•The health of the scar tissue

•Quality of life

•Mental alertness

•The range of movement.

Where can cancer patients opt for massage therapy?

Some hospitals and hospices offer massage services. After checking with your doctor, you can easily get a massage done. Some massage therapists are even given a special oncology training!

Therapeutic massages can go a long way in relieving cancer patients and adding positivity to their life. If you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer, make sure you recommend and consider massage therapies seriously!