Body Wraps and Scrubs for Different Skin Types

December 1st, 2017

We often fail to look after our body and skin when it comes to beauty regime. Some of us don’t have time to do things like scrubbing, exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising. Neglected skin leads to dryness, ill-health, dull-looking, premature wrinkles, greasiness, trapped bacteria and spots.

Body wraps and scrubs help to overcome these problems. Selecting perfect body wrap and scrub for different skin is necessary.

Check your skin type.

• Normal skin type: Not too dry and oily, no sensitivity, barely visible pores, radiant complexion.

• Dry skin: Invisible pores, rough, patches, visible lines.

• Oily skin: Enlarged pores, blackheads and pimples.

• Sensitive skin: Redness, itchiness and dryness.

What are body wraps? It is a body contouring treatment designed to slim and tone your body by hydrating, cleansing and ultimately healing your skin.

Types of Body Wraps:

1. Detoxing Body Wraps: These Wraps are made up of different types of products such as algae, seaweed, mud, clay or gel to get rid of the body toxins.

2. Hydrating Body Wraps: These body wraps use creams and gels to soften, soothe and hydrate the skin.

3. Slimming Wraps: It helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, trim the stomach and tone the skin.

What is Body Scrub? It is a product to exfoliate the dead skin cells and hydrates your skin, which leaves your skin smooth and soft. The scrub should be done with high-quality lotion or cream that leaves your skin hydrated.

Body scrubs made up of:

1. Sugar body scrub: This scrub contains granules made up of sugar or brown sugar. This scrub is for those who prefer less-abrasive scrub.

2. Salt Body Scrub: These scrubs contain different grades of sea salt, based on your skin’s requirement. It pulls out toxins out of your body and has great healing properties.

There are some more scrubs like herbal scrub, coffee scrub, which help to rejuvenate, relax and remove toxins from the deeper layers of your skin.

If you have any queries regarding body scrubs and body wraps, feel free to ask in the comment section below. We are always happy to help you.