How Body Spa Affects Your Sexual Life

November 23rd, 2017


Massage is a great way/technique to release tension and stress as well as managing pain caused by injuries and accidents. But, do you know massage helps for your sex life?

There is always couple’s massage that can add a level of intimacy and pleasure to any relationship. Massage can increase libido (sex-drive) and benefits your sex life by reducing stress, improving blood circulation, and mitigating pain.

Stress, depression and anxiety reduce the interest in sex and hence result in sexual dysfunction. There is a proven research, which shows that massages give benefits like reduction of stress, depression and anxiety. Massage therapy enhances mood by releasing feel-good hormones like serotonin, which acts against stress and anxiety causing hormones in the body and reduces depression.

Massage therapy helps to manage pain/problem prone areas by increasing the blood circulation. It also helps in speed healing of injuries. Reduction in pain and increase in blood circulation promotes healthy sexual function in both men and women. It also stimulates the lymphatic system, which removes toxins from the body and keeps the body healthy.

The above are some of the many benefits you get when you undergo massage therapy. The following are some tips to improve your libido and keep the excitement alive in the relationship/marriage.

1. Soft music and soft lights set your mood. Lavender essential oil in the room is also a plus.

2. Warm up your hands with the use of a hand-softener and keep your hands warm always.

3. Massage your partner’s feet and palms as people tend to hold a lot of stress in these areas.

4. Use long strokes and enough oil while massaging the back of the body.

5. Scalp massage by gently rubbing the scalp from front to back in circular motions. This process releases a feel-good hormone called endorphins, which makes you feel great.

6. Don’t forget to massage neck and shoulder.

7. After completion of massage, be sure to take a glass of water to flush out toxins.

It’s always an added advantage when a professional can take care of the both of you.

Massage is done individually or for couples. Massage with your partner benefits your sex life, by reducing stress, depression and anxiety, increase in better blood circulation and promotes intimacy. If your sex-life is in problem, then schedule the professional massage therapy for you and your loved one with us like a date!

So, Why are you waiting? book an appointment for you and your loved one now!