How your body processes a massage

July 5th, 2018

How your body processes a massage | O2 Spa

Offhand one can say it is the feel of relaxation and rejuvenation that the body and mind conjointly process during and after a nice massage session. In general terms massage is a combination of rubbing and manipulation of the skin, muscles and tendons to release pain and aches from our body parts.

For centuries the practice of massage is being sourced across the globe for better and healthier living. Apart from relaxed body and mind, there are several other feelings and disorders are taken care, with or without the knowledge of the recipient. The body processes the below mentioned anomalies during and after a good session of massage.

  1. Lessens anxiety
  2. Better digestion
  3. Relief from chronic headaches
  4. Lower myofascial pains and aches
  5. Relief from strains, injuries

Interestingly there are other involuntary things that the body processes in a massage in addition to loosening and relaxed muscles. Please check.

1.Maintains body temperature: Our body temperature is lowest when we are rested and relaxed. Massage lowers our body temperature and in turn taps the autonomic nervous system that helps us to feel less anxious.

2.Stomach growls: The massage triggers enzyme secretion that helps in better digestion and you feel hungry just after the massage. There is possibility gas release during the massage which is fine and is an indication that your digestive system is activated due to proper massage.

3.Feeling of dehydration: Due to pressure on our deep tissue, fluids from our body get released and carry along the body waste and toxins. This travels through our circulatory system via the kidneys for filtration and urination. It is ok to urinate during the massage as it helps body waste to get discharged. This is the reason all therapists at the O2 spa centers insists and assist the clients to drink enough water just after the massage.

Most of the time we are not aware how our body processes massage sessions that we take it out of practice or referral. But over a period of time if you notice closely you can see related benefits that are bonuses of massage therapy at O2 spa centers.