Body Polish vs. Body Scrub: What’s the difference?

May 31st, 2018

Body Polish vs. Body Scrub: What’s the difference?

More often than not, a body polish and a body scrub are used as synonyms. In the beauty world though, they are different from each other. Confused about which one to pick? Here’s the difference between a body scrub and a body polish:

What is a Body Polish?

A popular skin care treatment, a body polish is like a facial but totally unlike a massage. It hydrates and exfoliates the skin making it feel like a facial (but for the entire body).

In some cases a massage follows a body polish treatment. When that happens, the polish because it’s stimulating) is done first followed by the massage to calm down the body.

You should get a body polish done, if you want to.

  1. Prepare the body for tanning products such as a spray tan.
  2. Make absorbing nourish moisturizers easier for the body
  3. Stimulate the skin cells to generate fresh layers of skin
  4. Re-energize your body through the gritty technique
  5. Remove buildup of dirt and oil from the skin pores.


A body scrub is as simple and as useful in your skin care routine as it can get! The most important thing that a body scrub does is remove dead skin cells and increase the blood circulation in the body.

A body scrub has an exfoliating agent that restores your skin’s health and gives you glowing and supple looking skin!

You should get a body scrub done, if you want to.

  1. Get fresh and rejuvenated skin.
  2. Exfoliate dead skin cells from your body
  3. Get moisturized, hydrated and supple looking skin
  4. Want to remove tanning and reduce the risk of it.

Although, almost similar, the objectives of a body polish and a body scrub are vastly different. While a Body scrub exfoliates dead skin cells, a body polish is also used to generate fresh skin cells in the body. Similarly while, a body polish is used to prepare the body for tanning, a body scrub is used to prevent the risk of tanning. You must go ahead with a body scrub or a body polish based on your objectives.