Bizarre Makeup Trends To Stay Away From

March 6th, 2018

Bizarre Makeup Trends To Stay Away From

The beauty world is filled with trends that never fail to surprise… or rather horrify us!

Some trends stick around, some fade out (Thank God!). And 2017 was definitely not an exception when it comes to bizarre make-up trends!

Listen up ladies, here are 5 make-up trends you absolutely HAVE to stay away from:

1. Neon Eyeliner

When we say neon… we literally mean NEON.

Neon green… neon orange…

As this trend caught on, the world literally saw, glow-in-the-dark eyes! We mean, there’s nothing wrong with the Neon Eyeliner, but we also see no point in putting this on.

2. Unicorn you

Imagine painting your nails, hair, lips in unicorn colours. We’re talking full-on rainbow unicorn parade. You’ll have to see this trend to believe it. Just Nope!

3. The Holographic life

A scarier version of the neon trend, the Holographic trend was an attempt to make nails and lips look like a 3D image. This trend involved painting your nails, lips and eyebrows with extremely bright and shining colours. Maybe this would a “yes” for a Halloween makeup but for a glammy alternative? We don’t think so.

4. Lollipop Lip shades

Applying a lipstick is fine. But who, smudges the ends to spread the lipstick all over your upper lip?

Bizarre right?

But, we’re not lying when we say this was actually IN for quite some time in the beauty world.

More than a lollipop, the upper lips looked like they need a whole lot of moisturising.

5. Glitter glam

This one involved dyeing your hair with glitter instead of a normal hair colour.

Imagine shiny sparkly hair that would sometimes look like flakes of dandruff spread all over your hair!

We’re going to regret these trends in 2027, aren’t we? Did you try any of the above makeup trends? Are you brave enough to try these again? Let us know in the comments below!