The best way to treat a muscle cramp: A massage

July 10th, 2018

The best way to treat a muscle cramp: A massage

We all have experienced this excruciating pain in calf muscles, feet or fingers cramping involuntarily, in our sleep mostly. You feel like crying out in pain. Mostly our near and dear at that point of time help us by massaging the place to separate the entwined muscles which contracts suddenly, causing the pain. The muscle cramps cause the muscle to harden in a way that can be both seen and felt. The treatment for a cramped muscle often is a good massage that relieves the person of the pain and stiffness. A short and swift contraction of muscles is a spasm which melts away once we have a localized massage to get rid of the pain and spasm. But a cramp occurs if the muscles continue to contract that needs continued attention.

The causes of crams in our muscles are various including diets, hydration and the way we exercise. Imbalance in protein and nutrients in our diet, less water intake and lack of warming up before heavy exercise are some of the reason that leads to muscle cramps in our body.

A trained specialist at the O2 spa center can treat a muscle cramp with a massage that is best suited to your soreness. Simply deep rubbing of your muscle often helps the muscle to relax and relieve you of pain. Often we try to manage our cramps at home with oil massage that may give temporary relief, but seeing a professional massage therapist weekly or monthly at O2 spa should be considered for chronic cramps which do not respond to your own treatment. A massage therapist works with deep tissue relaxation that goes down to the root with the therapeutic treatment of muscle cramps.

While we are having the pain of a cramp, if the massage causes more pain than one should be immediately withdrawn and consult the therapist. A massage should under any circumstances be painful. If your muscles are cramped and tightly wound up, a wrong move can injure your tendons leading to more pain. Caution should be taken while getting a proper massage for your cramps.

Usually, muscle spasms or cramps catch us by surprise. A spasm that disappears in a short time is quite harmless, but if it prolongs, the muscle contraction leads to a painful cramp, which lots of sports people experience it during running and sprinting. Those sports injuries can also be healed up with proper and recommended massage sessions at O2 spa centers. Such as.

  1. Trigger Point Therapy: The type of massage focuses on targeted series of pressure and release on specific areas of your body that is affected by the cramps and also to referral pains in other areas.
  2. Sports Massage Therapy: This type of massage is aimed at reduced muscle soreness before and after any type of exercises.
  3. Hot Stone massage: With hot stones placed in key areas of your body, deeper muscle relaxation with smooth and decreased muscle spasms can be gained.

Next time you yell out in pain you know what is best for your cramps- A message session with a trained therapist. Sitting in front your TV set can give you that high for a longer time. It is very natural when we snore on the massage bed. The tensed up muscles get the best possible time during a massage session. So do not feel embarrassed or bad if you have snoozed off there and then on the massage table.

Few other things that can be done to take care of our body after the massage can be summed us as,

  1. Do not go for some strenuous activities just after the massage.
  2. Have your full “me” time to revel in it.
  3. Avoid stress and strain as much as possible