The Best Way To Highlight Your Hair For A Party!

April 9th, 2018

The Best Way To Highlight Your Hair For A Party!

Dress: Check!

Makeup: Check!

Shoes: Check!

Hair: You have no idea what to do about your tresses?

We all like to experiment with our hair now and often. We like to do different types of hairstyles or maybe some sort of experiment with extensions. While colouring our hair is more of a permanent situation.

Hair highlights have been around the block and with our partying lifestyle, getting your locks highlighted is a better investment than anything one can wonder. It permanently removes the worry of what to do with one’s hair. Highlighted hair does catch a lot of attention, so it is always better to get one done in a proper and certified saloon.  There are many different colours which girls are experimenting on these days such as fiery red, neon orange, electric blue or soft blonde as well the natural colours such as brown, mahogany, white and golden.

Highlights bring out a naturally cool and dapper look. They suit any hair type and can be done by just about anyone. So let us find out the best way to highlight for a party:

1. Make sure your hair is untangled and do not wash your hair at least a day before get your lock highlighted.

2. Always shampoo your hair with a cleansing shampoo after your highlights are done so that the product build-up does not alter your highlight colours.

3. Choose a certified saloon who deal with highlights on a regular basis and check their apparatus if need be to be absolutely sure.

4. Always choose the perfect colour for your hair. It will either make or break your look. Choose something which is comfortable for you and is suitable for your personality. It is always fun to experiment.

5. Choose on which regions of your head you want to layer your highlights.

6. Always get them layered and highlighted 2 inches above the root of your hair.

7. Put on some protective gear around your forehead and ears.

8. Make sure that the saloon layers your hair and highlights them to give a longer lasting look. This will make the hair look better as the colour will be nurtured.

To say that hair highlighting is a kind of hair spa treatment is an understatement as it does require the technique and sometimes, the same procedures too.

Check out the final fabulous results. Put on your party bling and head straight to a party.

Does your hair look after highlights? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments section below.