The Best Skin Care Service for Your Skin

January 11th, 2018


You will find one lady with seemingly perfect skin. Every time you see her glowing face, you think, how does she get it? What kind of skincare routines does she follow? Does she use a secret special cream? She has flawless skin because she fixes her skin problems with best skin care services. There are different types of skin care services for different skin types. O2 spa offers a wide range of skin care treatments, which are customized for the specific needs of your skin.

Some of them are:

1.Organic Facial: It is made of natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables, herbs and oils. It moisturizes, pampers and revitalizes your skin.

•Benefits: Unclogs pores, Reduces blemishes, Increases smoothness, Retains skin’s elasticity and moisture.

2.Skin Lightening facial: It can either be natural or chemical ingredients to offer a glow to the skin and make it look supple and healthy. Skin lightening facials help the skin to fight with UV rays and pollution.

•Benefits: Brightens the complexion, lightens pigmentation spots, Detoxifies the skin.

3.Anti- Aging facial: If you’re looking for youthful complexion then select anti-ageing facial. Here, products and techniques designed to slow the ageing process, brightens the skin-tone and reduces wrinkles. There is a wide range of anti-ageing facial treatments to select from. Such as, vitamin-infused serum, collagen creams, and rejuvenating facial massage.

•Benefits: Reduces wrinkles (age spots, blemishes), Increases smoothness, Repairs skin damage and Increases skin complexion.

Apart from these facials, daily skin care routine is necessary to maintain a glowing and healthy skin. You can follow some of the tips below for a better skin texture and health.

1.Use of correct cleanser for your skin

2. Maintain a healthy diet.

3.Apply moisturizer every day and night.

4.Don’t let your fingers touch your face.

5.Do not use a number of products or don’t try a new one (while experimenting is good, try to limit your choices for the sake of your skin’s safety)

6.Apply sunscreen lotion 365 days a year.

7.Exfoliate your skin twice a week.

8.Apply vitamin serum or cream to the skin.

9.Finally, Sleep well.

Is this article helpful? Let us know what is your favourite facial and tips to maintain healthy, smooth, flawless skin. Comment below!