The Best Place to Get Perfect Looking Mehendi: O2 Spa

January 18th, 2018

Place To Get Perfect Mehendi Service

Come winter, suddenly all are in good cheers and buoyant as like the weather. Typically all social events and functions, especially in India are scheduled around this period. We at O2 Spa also prepare ourselves to tackle the rush in all our outlets for the Mehendi application service coming up as one of the most demanded.

“Lawsonia Inermis”, botanical name of the mehendi/henna comes from a small shrub having green leaves which can turn brown to red when applied to body parts. The leaves are first dried, finely grounded and made into a paste for easy application. The paste is used to create intricate patterns on body parts which are exposed, mostly on hands and legs.

Artistic designs are made and kept for a few hours for it to dry up and then the color comes out as deep-red to brownish, making it look very pretty and nice. The color varies depending on the body tone. The color/design stays for 8-10 days and then fades away slowly making it a perfect alternative to body tattoo, which are not only permanent in nature but also involve a painful process to get one.

In the west too, the mehendi is gaining more popularity over the years. What started with actress Demi Moore, who first sported Mehendi, many the likes of Madonna and Naomi then followed suit making it a style statement.

In Indian context, Mehendi is part of all wedding rituals. Apart from the weddings, increasingly the young girls are sporting it for birthdays, parties, wedding receptions, House warming parties and various other such functions and festivals. The bridal Mehendi application is a huge occasion spiked with dance and song sequences, namely sangeet.

At O2 Spa, we have specially trained artists who are versatile in their field. Ranging from Indian to Arabic to Pakistani and lot other style of Mehendi decorations are available here. In line with the occasion, our consultants can also guide and assist while selecting patterns and designs that would be most appropriate and suiting to the individual.

Once the pattern is chosen and put on the hands/legs, the elation on the face of the bride, her friends or on other clientele is absolutely palpable. With matched make up, they are all set and ready to jazz up the occasion. Which, at the end of the day is our achievement mixed with joy and job satisfaction.

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