The Benefits Of Oiling Your Hair Every Alternative Day

February 19th, 2018

Benefits Of Oil Massage to Hair

Oiling our hair regularly was when our mothers and grandmothers gave us the grand ‘massage’. We certainly loved to feel their soft hands, kneading and massaging our scalps; making sure that all the nutrients of the oil was absorbed by our hair. While it was a good practice, it is certainly a great practice to keep oiling your hair regularly for the long run.

Oiling your hair can give a ton of long-term benefits which will seem like a drag now, but trust us when we say that you will reap the future benefits and be very happy and fulfilled with them.

What are the benefits that oiling your hair might provide you with?

Here are a few benefits of Oil listed below:


With the current weather conditions and pollution that we face, it is certainly better to oil your hair. Oiling reduces dryness and keeps the hair nourished and acts as a coolant against the harsh heating conditions.

2.Prevents pre-mature grey hair:

Regular oiling of hair prevents pre-maturing of grey hair and keeps hair black and shiny.

3.Pollution protected:

Oiling your hair acts as an extra layer of protection against pollution, dust and dirt. While we can wash our face regularly, washing our hair is not possible every day. So oiling our hair regularly will act as a shield and protects us from hair loss and also prevents all the dirt, dust and the UV rays of the sun from harming our hair and scalp.

4.Smooth Hair:

Oiling hair on alternate days can give us smoother hair rather than coarse hair. It will replenish all the nourishment the hair might require. It also will facilitate hair growth and makes hair all shiny and glossy.

Oil your hair regularly and reap the benefits in the longer run.

Say goodbye to dry hair and split ends.