Benefits of Thai Massage at O2 Spa in Mumbai

January 9th, 2018

benefits of thai massage

Shivago Komarpaj, a physician, over 2500 years ago, founded Thai massage and Thai medicine. Thai massage holds its influences from China, India and other parts of Southeast Asia. Thai massage suffered a setback in 1857 when most of its records were lost during the Burmese attack. Due to its vast number of followers and popularity, Thai massage still holds its place in India and all over the world and has retained all of its amazing mystery.

Mumbai, the financial hub of India, is home to a lot of stress and worry. A day in the spa might be the answer, while Thai spa may be the best possible solution!

What is a Thai massage?

It has been depicted as an ancient healing system which is a holistic mix of acupressure, Indian Ayurveda and assisted Yoga postures. Due to its culmination of these great rich heritages, it essentially gives a very soothing and healing feel.

How beneficial is a Thai massage?

-Deep tissue relaxation:

Thai massage uses gentle pressure on energy lines and the yoga postures lead to stretching of the whole body. This relaxes the deep tissues of the body as well as improves the person’s emotional level.

-Stress buster:

This massage has shown significant improvement in restoring a person’s sleep pattern. Due to the use of acupuncture, there is an increase in the circulation leading to better flow and hence reduction in stress.

-Enhances flexibility:

With the gradual movement of the person through yoga movements, there is a greater range of motion. This allows flexibility and reduces muscle stress and strain.

-Normalises blood pressure:

Thai massage brings with it, slow and sensuous strokes. This allows the mind and body to enter into the deepest form of relaxation. The stress wanes out, giving room to level the blood pressure.

These are a few advantages of a Thai massage.

So, why the wait?

Attain the highest level of relaxation and sooth those cramped muscles after a week of slogging. Rush into the nearest O2 spa centre and feel your worries melt away with an enthralling Thai massage in Mumbai.