What are the benefits of a daily oil massage

February 7th, 2020

oil massage benefits The thought of massage always brings to our mind the image of a therapist or a professional masseuse and something to be done only on special occasions. But if you can make it a healthy habit of getting yourself a warm oil massage once a week you will enjoy a series of positive changes.  In this article we are going to discuss the numerous ways in which oil massage benefits the body.
  • Body flexibility is increased – When a particular amount of controlled pressure is applied to your muscle it shapes and improves the muscle and tissue flexibility. If it is performed for a long time it makes the muscles more toned in shape.
  • Beats depression – Our feet and palms have 30 pressure points that are connected to various organs. When pressure is given on these points it releases certain hormones that calms the mind and one is uplifted to a better state of mind. Hence oil massage benefits our being by healing depression and driving away other negative thoughts.
  • Heals body pain – Oil massage benefits by triggering a better flow of blood which helps to release mild body aches. It not only increases blood circulation but also releases hormones and secretions which helps to lower the pain intensity.
  • Eliminates dead skin – An oil massage effectively removes dirt and dead skin. It helps to brighten up your skin and keeps you infection-free. It has also proven effective in removing tan or sunburn.
  • Healthy nerves – During oil massage there are several patterns and hand movements that include patting and pressing which is done to trigger the nerves beneath your skin. It stimulates them to perform better. It is a way to refresh the nerves. Oil massage benefits the mind by making us more focused.
  • Makes your heart healthy – Your right palm possesses the pressure points that are directly connected to your heart. Applying gentle and controlled pressure on those points can help your heart to stay fit and healthy.
  • Better digestive health – Most of the pressures are concentrated on the stomach which covers organs like small and large intestine, liver and spleen. Oil massage benefits by releasing gas and hormones that help in proper digestion and boost our metabolism. But you need to take care of the weight of the pressure as these organs are very delicate.
  • Protection from sinusitis and cold – If you are suffering from sinusitis you should take at least two sessions of oil massage every month. When the area around our eyes, nose, and face is massaged with oil, it helps in relieving our symptoms of sinusitis and cold.
  • Get rid of body toxins – Oil massage benefits us by improving the blood circulation which activates the kidney and sweat glands and gives them more power to flush out body toxins. But one session of massage will not make it happen. You need to be regular.
So get an oil massage to stay healthy and enjoy the benefits of inculcating this healthy habit. You can also opt for the goodness of massage therapy at Ode Spa, India’s most awarded spa chain.