Beauty Tips You Need In Your Regime

March 3rd, 2018

Beauty Tips You Need In Your Regime

The meaning of beauty is not just confined to its definition. It has with time expanded its meaning and understanding to include splendor, exquisiteness and various other superlatives.

However, the age-old expression does have its efficacy. Beauty has to be looked at both internally and externally and a regimental attitude to be adopted to gain optimally.

Since my childhood, I have seen my mother taking care of herself on a regular and orderly basis. Until the time she passed away, people always used to guess her actual age. To me that is beautiful.

Maintenance is the keyword. How do we achieve it? Where is the time to indulge one on such pampering? Quite so, as with increased responsibilities both in professional and personal lives, keeping up with social expectation can be daunting.

Clear understanding and vision is important to have work-life balance. Consciously if one cares could surely follow some or all of the following as part one beauty regime, Daily

•Diet: Much can be said about having Balance Diet. The point to note here is to keep that in mind while charting out your meal intake. Vegetables and fruits should constitute 50% of your full day diet if not more.

•Rest: You must have good 7-8 hours of sound sleep. The refreshing feel brings a glow to your skin.

•Cleanse: Cleansing twice with a gentle cleanser is a must to take away that dirt that tends to stick to your skin. Splash water. Gives you fresh and young feel.

•Shield: Guard your skin against UV rays. Even if you are indoors, it can affect your skin tone.


•Hair: Your crowningwashclothds to be washed, shampooed and oiled weekly. Pick up a day for each of the activities, but nurture it regularly.

•Exfoliate: Use a wash cloth to scrub away all the grease and dirt that which may not have gotten attention on a daily basis.

•Body mask: This deep cleaning helps to unplug your pores and removes deep dirt/lard.


•Hair-cut: Go for a hair trim, if not monthly at least by- monthly to avoid roughage and split ends.

•Facial – Splurge once in a while for a relaxing and feel great factor.

It’s useful once a while to keep all makeup kit spring cleaned, brushes washed and kept in order and also to pamper one worth trying out newer product lines to keep updated.