7 Ways To Use Mascara To Complete Your Makeup Look

January 20th, 2018

7 Way to Apply Mascara

Mascara is a must-have for makeup addicts and to those who love to wear makeup on a daily basis. Mascara completes the eye makeup look and gives you the sleek finish that you always wish for. Unfortunately, not all of us are good at applying mascara to improve the volume of our lashes. So, use the following tips and tricks to improve your lash volume and give yourself the “flawless voluminous” lash look. So, let’s start the basic way.

1.Apply talc to your eyelashes before mascara: Apply some face powder to your lashes with the use of a fresh mascara brush (that has no product on it) and apply it to your lashes. After that, apply your regular mascara for a flawless finish from the bottom of the lash line to their ends.

2.Baby powder before mascara: Baby powder acts as a primer for your mascara which stays for a long time and results in mega volume. However, some baby powders do not have the long-lasting effect, so experiment around with the powder that works best for you.

3.Select best mascara wand: There is no particular rule to use one wand.

•Classic mascara wand: For Density

•Plastic/rubber wand: For definition

•S-Shaped wand: For intensity

•Curved wand: For curling

•Conical wand: For fanning out

•Spinky ball tipped wand: For separation

•Bubble wand: For length

•Triangular wand: For volume

•Skinny wand: For no smudges

•Micro wand: For precision

4.Play with mascara colours: Try coloured mascaras which help dumpy lashes to pop out the lashes and make them stand out. We can combine both by keeping coloured mascara first and the black mascara on the tips of lashes. Or you can give with the twin-effect mascara trick too.

5.Hold mascara brush vertically to add extra length: Want to define your eye? Hold brush vertically to get the product onto each tiny lash on your bottom lash line, as well as the inner corners and the top lashes.

6.Mascara works as a gel eyeliner: Use mascara as an eyeliner by swipe an eyeliner brush on the mascara brush and apply on the upper lid. It gives gel liner- like finish to the eyelid.

7.Use a saline solution to a mascara tube: Add saline solution or eyedrops to the mascara tube when it starts getting flaky or dry. This brings in more wetness into the dried product and helps give smoother application.

So, those were some of the ways to make your eye-lashes look more defined. Do you have any suggestions? What are your ways to make your eyelashes look longer? Let us know in the comments section!