7 sure signs that you need a massage ASAP!

April 4th, 2018

7 sure signs that you need a massage ASAP

Stressed? Tired? Sore? Feeling lost and defeated? All of these are relevant signs of a body being over worked and too much in need of external fixing to be alive again. Some days it is difficult for all of us to even get up from the bed and take that one step out of the bed. These are the days when our body shows signs of utmost distress and we often sleep it off or try to relax by getting a massage. While massage is the magic antidote created by god, it is often not considered as a way to distress by the general population.

Our body is a sacred temple and taking care of it is the most essential activity for us as health is often considered as wealth. So, let us fathom out the sure signs that our body gives us when it is in dire need to go to the massage repair store:

1. Back or shoulder pain: If one has sore and stiff muscles in their upper back or shoulder blades, then it is a definitive sign the body is in urgent requirement of a massage.

2. Headaches: It is rare but at times clogged up and stiff muscles lead to improper circulation of blood flow which leads to headaches and is a sign that the body needs to unwind.

3. Less flexibility: At times due to the tiredness and overuse of body muscles as well as rigid postural issues, there is loss of range of motion and the muscles lose momentum. Massage helps them ease-up.

4. Depression: Mood swings and uneasy feeling combined with anxiety and restlessness can be signs of depression which can be a way for the body to indicate that it needs a proper channel of release through frequent massaging.

5. Stress: It is the most important and sometimes the most common reason which can indicate that the body needs to relax in order to distress.

6. Less sleep: When an individual loses sleep and it affects his or her day, it is usually a warning sign that stress and tightness of the body and mind might lead to insomnia. The body needs massage as it has been proved to regulate proper sleeping habits.

7. Stiffness: Sore and rigid muscles and body parts can dictate a need to get regular massages.

These are a few signs that the body exhibits. Do you feel any of these? Let us know in the comments section below.