5 tips to get rid of under eye puffiness

May 31st, 2017


Do you feel aged, tired and stressed because of your eyes? It is really hard to feel fresh and glossy when your eyes are droopy and tired, because of those annoying bags under them. They are a sign of fatigue and stress. O2 Spa has come up with some simple and effective tips to get rid of under eye bags and dark circles.

  1. Go potato: Refrigerate a raw potato for a couple of minutes and slice it into two and circle the closed eyes gently with those halves. Place it on your eyes to cover the puffed areas under the eyes and leave for about 20 minutes. You will notice a tremendous change in the size of the bags and also in the intensity of the dark circles.
  2. Milky way: If you have extremely puffed up eyes and depth dark circles, then this is one of the regular regimens that you will have to follow. Dip the cotton pads in chilled milk and place on the eyelids and relax for 20-30 minutes. This helps the eyes in water retention and it will also cool them off.
  3. Oily help: Add a few drops of vitamin E oil to a bowl of chilled water and mix it well. Dip the cotton pads in this mixture for a couple of minutes, to absorb the contents and place them on your eyes for about 20 minutes, to reduce the swelling around the eyes.
  4. Cucumber relief: Cucumber is one of the natural and fantastic ways of reducing under eye puffiness. Slice a fresh refrigerated cucumber and place it on the eyes for 30 minutes. Slip into a short nap and relax with the cool soothing cucumber slices on the eyes. This refreshes your eyes and makes you feel fresh. The anti- inflammatory properties of the cucumber will cater in reducing the puffiness of the eyes instantly.
  5. Hydrate your body: Drink as much as water possible, nevertheless of the season. Yes, it seems counter-intuitive when you are retaining water, and hydrating the body reduces puffiness under the eyes. So, drinking a glass of water is suggestible whenever you notice your eyes getting a little droopy.