5 Reasons to Incorporate Massage Therapy into Your Workout

December 28th, 2017

Massage Therapy Incorporate Into Workouts

Millions of people around the world have different workout techniques to keep their body and mind fit and healthy. The workouts may include sports, exercising, dancing, aerobics and yoga.

Sometimes, these workouts often end up making us feel tired and fatigued. Did you know that incorporating massage into your workout plan can help you work out better?

“Massage” the word alone sends us into a dreamy trance of imagining a room filled with scented oils and blissful yet calm relaxing atmosphere. Massage is not just a luxury pampering service available at a spa; it also is a healing technique and a process which does not involve inducing any medicine. Massage can give a serious boost to your workout giving you the results you are looking for.

Below are 5 reasons to incorporate massage therapy into your workout routine:

1.Massage therapy enhances your recovery after a workout, by helping your muscles recover from the intensity of the workout. Workouts help in toning and tightening the muscles, massage helps in restoring the flexibility.

2.After an intense workout, muscles can really ache. Massaging and stretching your muscles can help loosen the knots, flush out the toxins that contribute to the pain and get the blood flowing again.

3.Regular exercise strains your muscles, ligaments and tendons, but also messes up with the connective tissues and fibres under the skin. These tissues and fibres help the muscles work smoothly and efficiently when they are in good shape. Massage helps loosen up these fibres so that the muscles slide past each other with less effort, giving your workout a nice boost.

4.Muscle flexibility starts decreasing after the age of 14, unless the muscles are continuously exercised and stretched, you will get stiffer with age. Massage helps loosening up the muscles and restoring the flexibility you had as a kid.

5.Massage helps you feel better as it can give you a nice balance with happy hormones along with a workout. The best workouts combine both exercise and self care. A well rounded fitness regime consists of a balanced exercise routine and maintenance.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest O2 Spa after your next workout and let your experience do the talking.