5 New Nail Arts to Try for Yourself!

January 2nd, 2018

Nail Art for Yorself

Nails are an accessory to what you wear. Cool nail art always gets a lot of attention and compliments. Ladies, if you are bored with normal classy nails, then try something new and play with colours on your nails at home. Read on and you may find the perfect nail art for you. Try these nail art designs at home by following simple steps. Are you ready? Here we go!

1.Pink nail art design: Pink nails take you to the next-level of cuteness. The Silver lines on top give you edgy look that is hard to ignore.

What you need: Pink nail polish, silver nail polish and a thin brush.

How to apply: Apply pastel (baby) pink nail polish on your nails. Use the brush to create two vertical lines with the silver colour on the nail and then, paint alternative diagonal line throughout your nail. Finish with a top clear coat.

2.Two-Toned Blue Art: Use two colours that you like to achieve this unique look. Preferably Blue variables.

What you need: Light blue and dark blue shimmer nail polish and nail strips.

How to apply: Apply light blue nail polish and place a nail strip diagonally over the nail. Now, apply shimmer blue polish on it. Finish with a clear coat.

3.Lavender Circles Art: Lavender and a Greyish nude together give you cute nails.

What you need: Lavender nail polish, Nude-Grey nail polish and round-hole nail art labels.

How to apply: Paint lavender nail polish as a base. Place round nails art labels on either side of the nail to get a gap at the centre. Apply nude polish in the middle of the nail and remove the label. When the polish is dried, finish off with a top clear coat.

4.Glitter Nails: Use nude glitter nail art to look sensational. It goes with any occasion because HELLO it’s glitter!

What you need: Nude nail polish, Gold glitter polish and clear polish.

What you need: Apply nude nail polish as a basic coat. Once it dries, apply glitter nail polish on the top of the nail. Finish it with clear coat.

5.Donut Nail Art: Donut inspired nail art to create donut like nails. It looks adorable and cute.

What you need: Pastel Pink nail polish, Yellow nail polish, White and Green nail polish and a thin brush.

What you need: Start painting your nails with pink as a base coat. Use a thin brush to create sprinkles on your nails by using mentioned shades of nail polish above. Finish with top coat. So, these are some nail art designs you can try. Nail art is a fun way to express yourself. What are you waiting for? Give a quick makeover to your nails.

Let us know what is your favourite nail art. Drop your comment below.