5 Must Have Makeup Products in Your Kit

January 4th, 2018

Essential Makeup Products

Every girl plays with makeup to look and feel pretty. Good makeup look adds the glam-factor. However, instead of ticking to some needed products, some of us go above and beyond, which isn’t really needed if you’re looking forward to attain a simple look. So, what are some “must haves” to attain a simple yet catchy look? Read on to know.

1.Moisturizer and Primer: Makeup begins with skin care. Prepare your skin with a moisturizer and primer. These two ensure a flawless base that keeps makeup put for a longer time.

2.Foundation and Concealer: Beginners eliminate the risk of the caked-on foundation by adding a concealer to the kit. Concealer helps to hide the imperfections on the skin like marks, dark spots, pimples, under-eye circles, uneveness of skin-tone and more.

3.Eyebrow Spoolie Brush: Eyebrow is the most important feature on your face. It is important to carry a little brow-kit, according to your budget and use and touch up the brows when needed.

4.Eyeliner and Mascara: No need to apply false eyelashes. Eyeliner gives the illusion of thicker fringe and mascara adds dramatic length. So, you can actually win here without having to sit in front of the mirror for long hours.

5.Nude and Red Lipstick: No kit is complete without lip colours. These two shades are enough to keep you covered from the office to the dance floor. Nudes are good for a formal and official wear, while bright reds will speak loud for your thirst to have fun.

Other than these, you can keep highlighters, matte brown eyeshades for eyeshadows to enhance your looks further.

So, this was our kit for a basic flawless look. What are your must-haves in your makeup kit? Drop your comment below!

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