5 Must-Have Brow Kit Items In Your Makeup Bag

February 28th, 2018


Eyebrows frame and accentuate our eyes and add character to overall expression. Having a clean and clear brow is very essential for not only to look beautiful, but enhancing the contour of your face. Sporting a perfect brow is a fine art, to be pursued and practiced to reach perfection.

Gone are those traditional ways where a tweezer and eyebrow pencil was just enough to draw and enhance the color and shape of one’s eyebrow. Fashion took centre stage, gradually the makeup and cosmetic influx to daily lives increased, reaching an all-time high. From top-to-toe, grooming agents eroded the market and our mind space, where looking nice and different has become an “in-thing”. Be it young, young-adult, elder or older, all types and kinds of people have the right to express one-self in whichever way one feels like.

Types and kind of eyebrows vary and so do tastes. Sporting different shapes each time you visit your beautician is a trend. With the advent of computer-aided software that can show you how a particular shape of an eyebrow would look on your face has eased the complication of “to do” or “Not to do”. You can see yourself how a particular shape is going to frame your eyes and what would be the overall impact on your face. Basing this, shape of eyebrows are changed and worn. To maintain and sustain a style, one needs to be very careful and judicious.

Looking at various options, few could be summarized here, which are a must in one’s makeup kit to have that beautifully cared and lined eyebrows.

Accessories/ The Kit

1.Clear Brow gel: Gel-wax to give a hint of color having a softer hold to keep the arches well-groomed and sharp.

2.Eyebrow powder: Colored wax and a soft powder, to work together to give you that perfect brow color and shape

3.Eyebrow pencil- To be used for singular hairs for a feathery finish. Could be also used in the sparse areas to shade and give an even flawless effect.

4.Eyebrow thickening gel: The gel contains microfiber, which when applied gives a look of thickness. A must for all quick-fix and time-poor situations.

5.Flat brush- that combs and flattens harsh lines to give a natural finish.

What are your essentials for the perfect pair of brows? Let us know in the comments below!