5 ancient techniques used in massages to this day

May 30th, 2018

5 ancient techniques used in massages to this day

Massage therapies are one of the most widely acclaimed alternative health treatments chose by people all over the world. It reduces stress, improves the circulatory system, relieves depression and anxiety and is also known to improve immunity. The origin of the techniques used in massages date back to ancient times.

Here are 5 ancient massage techniques used to this day:


This Chinese technique includes putting in thin needles into the body at designated points for a fixed period of time. The acupuncture points (the points where the needles are inserted) are related to energy (qi) meridians that are related to certain functions and body parts.

When these energy points go through imbalances, illness comes into the picture. By placing the needles on the acupuncture points the flow of qi or energy is restored. This ancient technique is usually used to relieve pain.

Push and Grasp.

This is also an Ancient Chinese Technique called the ‘Tui Na’. Instead of just providing relaxation, this therapeutic massage technique is used to treat specific conditions. A variety of techniques such as rolling, rubbing, pressing and kneading are used and the elbow is also used to apply pressure to parts of the body. This ancient massage technique also regulates the flow of energy or qi and is used to treat musculoskeletal conditions.

Tapping stroke

Originated in 1800, this is the most popular technique and is also commonly used in a Swedish massage. Coupled with stroking, friction and kneading, this technique loosens muscle and joint tension. A massage oil is also used along with this stroke, because of the friction that it creates.

Direct Pressure

For deep seated injuries, this technique is targeted at muscles with chronic pain problems. The direct strokes go through the 5 layers of muscles on your back and is applied through the fingers, thumbs and the elbow in some instances. This stroke is the best for those who have neck and back problems.

Assisted Yoga Techniques

Yoga massage is a technique that has been used in massages for over 2500 years. This massage originated in ancient India and eventually spread to Siam, now known as Thailand. This technique emphasizes on loosening and stretching the body coupled with pulling of the body and applying rhythmic pressure on it. Know of any more techniques? Share with us in the comments below!