The 4 Makeup Mistakes That Can Age You

May 13th, 2017

Makeup Tips And Trends For Women

Make up will surely bolster one’s self confidence by highlighting the best facial features and makes the skin look great and well nourished. But, have you ever noticed that make up will actually make you look older at times? The common beauty blunders that we make are really easy to correct. Find out the top 4 make up mistakes and How to fix them:

  1. Heavy Foundation: The Foundation is the first and foremost step in makeup. One should choose the foundation color, based on the shade of the skin. Pore clogging and full coverage foundation are the outdated types of foundation, which enables you to look aged and heavy. Today’s foundation allows to highlight the best facial features and also hides the imperfections. It helps to look radiant and young. The makeup lasts long when the foundation is used in a perfect way.
  2. Over or Poorly Applied Mascara: Over or poorly applied mascara will make your look fall off on the occasion, where you actually want to stand out of the queue. Nothing ages your look more than incorrectly applied mascara with too applied to the tips of the lashes and not at the base. Eyelashes are naturally thick at the base and thin at the ends, so while applying the mascara, start from side to side at the base of the lashes. Doing this for a couple of times gives you a defined look on your eyes.
  3. Too Much Black Eye Liner: Too much of black eyeliner will make you look aged. Instead, line the eyes with a dark plum liner. These Plum tones impart a color effect on the eye. The overall eye look with this tone is crisp and elegant.
  4. Overdone Lip Color: Heavily applied lipstick is outdated and gives you an aged look. Lighten up the lips with lighter and fresher colours to replicate the entire look of the face.